Time Prism Product Info

Othersignificant function

  • Work analysis result verification function
    Based on work analysis results, videos can be played back skipping wasteful motions, and synchronized memos can be shown superimposed on videos to enable the discovery of ways to achieve Kaizen using the work analysis (visualized) data.
  • Slider bar re-analysis function
    When data that has been already been analyzed is modified, analysis is done while moving the video with a slider bar, making the video content easy to grasp and allowing faster re-analysis.
  • External data read function
    CSV and Excel data can be read, allowing the creation of various charts and graphs from existing data even in the absence of video.
  • Work sampling measurement function
    Video can be automatically split up at random or at regular time intervals, making it easy to carry out operation analysis through category registration.
  • Array of output functions
    The data and charts on the various screens, including work analysis, result verification, comparative playback, work organization, and combination table screens, can be output as CSV, PPT, Excel or other format files, allowing their effective utilization for creating books, reports, and the like.
  • Flexible screen layout
    Elements such as the table area and the video area on the PC screen are independent, allowing the screen layout to be changed to one’s liking. Size and placement of elements such as videos, tables, and graphs can be freely adjusted. Efficient use is made possible by registering easy-to-use layout patterns.
  • 【New】Viewer function
    This function displays the work analysis results in viewer display form.
    This function can also be used as a work-procedure manual with video on a tablet PC (running Windows 8). Check work operations and powerfully back up the establishment of standard work with work instructions with video and the like at work sites.
  • 【New】Video editing functions・Comparative presentation output function
    Comparative verification of TimePrism can also be reproduced with PPT and Excel files.
    Files can be created from comparative verification and two videos can be simultaneously played back in PowerPoint or Excel.
    Original presentation materials can easily be created because they can be freely modified at a later time.