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About Us


Let us make a rainbow that bridges to our bright future

Industrial Engineering so called “IE”, having its root in Taylor’s Scientific Management and Gilbreth’s Motion Study established at the end of 19th century, has been utilized and developed by the various technical experts and scholars until now.

Due to a fear that IE led to the stretch-out and a close-up that it was the management method only for the administrators, it was sometimes worried and given a wide berth.However, IE is essentially for all including the workers who are engaged in the manufacturing, and it is uncomplicated, intimate and enjoyable.

IE has been contributed specifically to the technology improvement so far in Japan. In addition, the evolution in the tools for the execution of its basic technique can be expected to realize with the development of IT technology, too.

By harmonizing with the know-how to be cultivated so far in the field of IE, high value-added information and IT technology, we, JIET Corporation, develop IE to the higher level while realizing to be intimate and enjoyable IE, and intend to be developing and providing the solution to be utilized for all who are in all the industry and all the scale and carrying out our business activities, while targeting to contribute to the manufacturing in Japan.

The environment surrounded the manufacturing is still under the severe condition including many difficulties which we may say. In order to tide over it together with you, we are to be the bridge of the rainbow, which leads to the bright future and the best partner to you for the manufacturing that is our ultimate desire.

Hisashi Yoshida President

About Us

Company Name Nihon Seikoh Giken Co.,Ltd.
Established December, 2008
Location Tokyo office 2-8-8-6F Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0022
Nagoya office 1-7-25-5F Sakae,Naka-ku, Nagoya-city , Japan 460-0008
Business Profile Computer, peripheral equipment and software development Manufacture,ASales,ALease
Various information Gathering,AAnalysis,Aprocessing services, provision services
Capital 10 million yen
Accounting Period September
We bank with Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Shinnjuku Branch
Mizuho Bank Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Brnach
Saikyo Shinkin Ban, Ikebukuro Branch