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‘Time Prism’
Flow of utilization


Shoot a video

Support of various video formats. Videos can be used as soon as shot.



Tasks can easily be broken down through click operation. Various classifications are registered.



Various graph charts are automatically generated. Colored graphs make the data easily understandable.


Find the problem / Kaizen

Times, videos, and graphs are linked, allowing Kaizen time to be spent effectively.


Standard work / Manual preparation

This is then translated into standard operations, work education, and skill transmission.

Traditional work analysis

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Measure work time with a stopwatch, input the data on a PC, and create charts and other such in Excel.


  • Skilled measurers familiar with work measurement are required.
  • When only time data is involved, determinations can be made only based on numbers when looking back.
  • Inputting data on a PC takes time.
  • Further time and effort are required to generate graphs and the like from the input data.
  • Efficiently performing work improvements is difficult using only tables and graphs without videos.

Use the Time PrismCapture the video in PC

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  • Videos can be freely manipulated on the PC, allowing anyone to obtain work analysis data quickly, easily, and accurately.
  • Work improvement can be performed efficiently through the association of videos and data.

The video footage is split by operation with mouse clicks during playback. Frame-by-frame playback and rewind can be done through mouse wheel operation to achieve more accurate measurement.
The time data of each operation is automatically recorded to a work element table. The data can also be color-coded by category and this classification can be registered with just mouse clicks.
Further, any problems and items of note can be recorded as memos.

  • Support of a variety of video formats.無駄な時間を取らせません。

arious video formats are supported: AVI (Motion JPEG), MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H264, WMV, MOV. The only preparation consists in inserting the recording medium in the PC. The work analysis is promptly executed without having to waste time on tasks such as video format conversion.

Automatic generation of graphs and charts.

  • Video and analysis data can be stored for later reference whenever needed.
  • From analysis data to tables and graphs, the required data can be obtained quickly.

Various graphs and charts are created from the obtained data, allowing data to be visualized.
The work analysis results can be output as files in CSV, Excel, and other formats, allowing their ready use as material during document creation.
Further, any position in video footage can be copied to the clipboard as a still image that can then be saved as a JPEG file.


Comparative verification


Analyzed tasks can be played back in synchronization side by side, allowing differences in work speed and work procedures to be readily identified.

  • Use for comparative playback of experienced operators and beginners, or comparative playback of specific cycles
    Slow playback, frame-by-frame playback, and synchronized playback are possible, allowing the clear detection of motion differences and the identification of problems.
  • Effective for open-discussion activities.
    Can be used to promote sharing of improvement ideas while everybody watches the screen together.
  • Comparative playback of before and after improvement through playback cutting out waste.
    A tool for easy-to-understand in-house presentations, etc.

Standard operating manual

  • Output the analysis table in Excel & CSV. Make the work procedure manual easily
  • With its PowerPoint output function for outputting analysis results, TimePrism supports the creation of presentation materials presenting work analysis and improvement reports.
    Based on the work analysis results, pages can be created for each work element, and name and time values, and still images and videos can be pasted to each page. Video playback as part of slide shows is also possible.
    (A video file in the WMV format is created for each work element. The created video files can be played back individually.)

Kaizen by leveling of workWork organization

  • The work elements of up to 50 processes can easily be moved through drag and drop operation with a mouse. Work element moves are reflected also in element tables and charts. By running video playback through the new sequence after work elements have been moved, the leveling results can be quickly checked. The created graphs can be output as Excel files.
  • Man-machine chart display that shows the analytical data for people and machines side by side is possible. Graphs are color coded by category and can be displayed flipped vertically, horizontally, or inverted or otherwise manipulated.

Standard work combination vote(M.M.C)

グラフと映像が同期画面 MMC画面
  • Standardized work combination tables can easily be created from the work analysis data. Charts can be displayed in real time on the screen and directly dragged while playing back and checking videos, and simulations can be carried out under a variety of conditions by changing the values in tables.
    The created data can be output as Excel files.
  • Standardized work combination tables can also be created from external data in CSV or Excel files, opening up a wide range of uses.
    Special representation of return work and so on is also possible. The created charts can be output as Excel files.


Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Kentaro MINAGAWA Dr.Eng

When the improvement activity is intended to execute, firstly the important point is aimed at the wastefulness. If the wastefulness could not be seen, the improvement activity could not be executed.
Secondarily it becomes important to execute the improvement with the intention to do it quickly. For such doing, it is not possible to be evaluated as a good way that it takes time for the analysis of IE and others.
The improvement activity itself should need to be improved, and utilizing useful tool should be necessary.
Time Prism has been developed in order that it is possible to do easily the visualization of the work by using various videos. Time Prism is to be the best partner who supports the improvement activity at your site.

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