• Assist by IE.
  • It is not necessary to do the troublesome
    measurement by using a stopwatch.
  • Increase the efficiency in the work analysis
    As the image is controlled freely at PC, everyone can easily obtain the work analysis data.
    As it is possible to save the image and analyzed data, it is possible to confirm at the optional position afterwards.
    It is possible to obtain quickly necessary information including the table and the graph out of analyzed data.
    It is possible to do the work improvement efficiently by linking the image and data.

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“Work Improvement related Manufacturing /Seminar having Software Experience”

We will hold Work Improvement related Manufacturing/Seminar having Software Experience which is learned from Toyota Production System and Panasonic Site in Sendai on Tuesday, March 25, 2016.

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January 13, 2016News

Invitation to Time Prism Experience Seminar
We will hold a free Experience Seminar in Touhoku District.

Visualization・Kaizen・Skill traditionI support strongly!

Work analysis and Kaizen tool software TimePrism is Kaizen support software used to perform work analysis by playing back on a PC video footage of work.
TimePrism was developed to allow anyone to perform Kaizen activities to efficiently find bottlenecks at the work site and developing improvement measures, through the use of videos of daily manufacturing operations.

TimePrism provides robust support of Kaizen activities, with the use of video making Kaizen procedures easy to understand even for novices in the absence of professional Kaizen managers.

TimePrism provides also full-fledged features allowing even Industrial Engineering (IE) experts to make full use of advanced capabilities.

TimePrism can be used to advantage in all kinds of industries, such as the automotive, electronics and electrical, machinery, metallurgical, food and chemical industries, as well as universities and the service industry. Further, it can be used by companies of any size, from large corporations to small and medium-sized companies. TimePrism is general-purpose software that can be deployed for a broad range of applications. Further, rounding out its integrated range of applications, TimePrism is provided with functions that allow it to be used effectively for standard work education and skill transmission based on information-rich video footage. TimePrism was developed based on the concept of an effective tool designed not only for work improvement, but also for quality stabilization and improvement, and further for gains in corporate trust and value.

TimePrism can yield even better results when it is used based on the principle of motion economy (※1), the four principles of ECRS (※2), and the five Why’s. Moreover, by using TimePrism as the basic tool for Gemba Kaizen, it is possible to cultivate Motion Mind (※3) sensitivity and strongly back up the creation of dynamic workplaces that overflow with Motion Mind.


Principles of motion economy
Principle method of operation
Principle of the work place
Principle of tooling and machinery


The four principles of ECRS
Principle of Eliminate
Principle of Combine
Principle of Rearrange
Principle of Simplify

※3 Motion Mind is

For example, if the time required to complete a given task differs according to the person, this may attributed to a difference in morals, but more than that, the time difference is often due to “differences in motion.” Motion Mind refers to the mental attitude of noticing such differences in motion and being ready to improve motions.

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Our product development policy ‘Development-type’

  • Rich updates
    With the addition of new functions always in mind, we aim to offer the most useful products possible based on market research and feedback from our customers. We will continue to expand the functionality of our tool software in response to environmental changes such as OS and video standards to ensure the highest possible ease of use.
  • Aiming for a cutting-edge Kaizen tool
    TimePrism was developed with particular focus on association with graphs and charts to further facilitate visualization. Colored graphs and graphs in various formats can be generated almost entirely automatically, contributing to higher work efficiency.
    TimePrism is a Kaizen tool designed with well thought out features that make it easy to use by anyone, such as drag & drop, copy & paste, area resizing, and flexible video playback control.
  • Global deployment
    In addition to Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai versions are also available, making TimePrism an effective tool for global deployment. Local sales office locations are also being increased and a dependable support system is in place to best serve the needs of all our customers.